We are able to source, procure, and integrate a variety of the latest technology in the electrical panel components including: Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, Yaskawa, ABB, …,                ICP Solutions​  provides comprehensive electrical design, mechanical design, and prototyping, while also offering high, and low volume serial production capabilities.

Our goal is to meet/achieve  everyone’s need.


 In ICP Solutions we have a talented staff and a variety of on-site design, engineering, and manufacturing resources, you can be sure all you needs will successfully be completed professionally. Providing automation and control system integration services, we are experts in PLC/HMI, Motor Control , Electric/Pneumatic  and Electric/Hydraulic integration system . Our staff has direct industry experience with industrial automation, process engineering, regulatory compliance and systems integration


Our equipped team provides maintenance on electrical panels and safety systems. 

We have field technicians  to provide maintenance and tech support 24/7 in order to satisfy our customers.

We also offer Reverse Engineer Projects.



Industrial Control Panels Solutions(ICP Solutions) is committed to helping customers meet their control objectives. We customize our solutions to meet your needs. With our control panel capabilities, we work closely with manufacturers and OEMs to develop, implement control panels, and systems that fit their specific process requirements.

As a control panel manufacturer, our capabilities include engineering, designing, fabricating control panels, and control systems for industrial processes. We will work with you to design and build to your environmental requirements.


Our experience includes a broad spectrum of control panel products and systems:

  • Portable Process Equipment Controls

  • Controls for Pipe Inspection Facility.(Energy Sector)

  • Water Filter Controls

  • Dust Collector Controls

  • Air Compressors Control Panels

  • Hydraulic / PLC Control Systems

  • Motor Control Panel Systems

  • Pneumatic / Electrical systems

  • VFD Panels for Various Control Processes.

  • VFD Pump Stations.

  • Lighting Controls

  • HMI and PLC integrator Controls

  • Multi-Axis Motion Control.



Our strongest control panel capability as a control panel manufacturer is our ability to partner with companies to deliver superior results and help the customer to be more efficient in a safety environment. From our comprehensive design-and-build experience to simple modifications, we have the control panel capabilities to supply control solutions that provide the exact functionality, performance, and interface systems that your unique application requires. 

Contact ICP Solutions to discuss how this control panel manufacturer can partner with you to make your control challenges simple.





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